The Affordable Art Fair 2017

28 of our new mini Skates Long Days were customized and sold within the event “Chalk Custom Board Porject” at “The Affordable Art Fair 2017” (Brussels), the International Fair of Contemporary Art and meeting around the Art where our boards have been the canvas for the Artist to créate their own universe in such an inspiran support as a skateboard. At this workshop, there was also space for the little ones. They could show all their creativity in an inspiring environment where there was also shown part of the collection that Chalk has created with the participation of international artists who take part of such attractive project.

From Long Days Longboards we feel proud of taking these kind of of iniciativa with artists and groups that reinventa the Way they percieve the word of longboarding and skating. Creating unique works and separated from big productions and releases to which we have been used to by the most commercial brands. Currently, Long Days Longboards together with Chalk Custom Board Project, we make a common project due to our philosophy: Craftwork + Art. We put together our crafty fabrication and the creative and artistic process of the collective.

At the same time we announced that next Thursday 27th April will be the opening of a new event “ART & SKATE” in Brussels. We will be part of it and it will be open until the 1st May. It is another good chance to see “art on wheels