Cafe Racer Dreams

The love for wheels and skids. An authentic feeling that only vehicle with a soul can transmit.

We share a lot of things with the guys of Café Racer Dreams, for that reason we have created an exclusive Collection for them. The world of motor and Café Racer have passed on our longboards and retro skates using strips and squares to design some very special boards. As it is a special model, also special wheels have been used. These are high quality wheels for Long Days Longboards and manufactured by Wasabi Wheels. We have to join these amazing wheels to our artisans boards in which we have carved the CRD logo to make them little pieces of art on wheels, as we can see in the motorcycles created by Café Racer Dreams.


For the most fetishist and as an emblematic piece, you can see the longboard with which we have paid tribute to Stacy Peralta. He is the forefather of current skateboarding and one of the most important figures of the “Z Boys”. Without a doubt, anyone who has tried one of our boards will be able to admit that they keep the same sensations that were born with this urban culture of the 70’s, and that has kept together an international community of lovers of the sliding sport.

You can have them in the Online Shop, together with a selected range of products.

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