Jägermeister & Long Days LongBoards


“It is the honor of a hunter to protect and preserve his game, hunting with chivalry and  honor the Creator and his Creatures”.

This is the poem around each bottle of Jägermeister. You should know that is one Hubertus’ fault. A young hunter without scruples changed his behaviour after the appearance of a white deer with a bright cross on its antlers. From this moment, he decided to do well. The brand took the image from that event and we see it today around this digestive liquor.


“The Longboard has been coloured with a brush and using that dark liquor as dye”

Since 1935 when it appeared in the market, the liquor Jägermeister has been surrounded by mysteries. Most said that it had deer blood and even moose, and that what make it had that characteristic dark colour. But I don’t think that Curt Mast (original distiller) could use that ingredient. Even though, it is still a very well kept secret, a composition of 56 ingredients including fruits, roots and spices.

What we are sure about is that in more than 80 years of history,  Jägermeister has helped fighting the cold warming the blood of lots of hunters… in the forests or late at dawn. The orange deer has become an icon of contemporary culture and appears in pubs, bars, concerts and festivals. The green bottle of the most popular digestive in the world.

Now, from the team of Long Days LongBoards we present our own interpretation of the legendary brand Jägermeister. It is a unique design in which two deers face in combat using their powerful antlers. A board made with Mongoy and sculpted by hand by our master wood carver using the gauge. The board has been treated with a special product as it has been coloured by the liquor itself. The characteristics of the liquor are used to give volume to the relief and coat the board with this black blood called Jägermeister.


The board will not be sold since it will be part of the private collection of Long Days. But more than one would love to get this piece of art, that is sure.