Excellence Luisa Via Roma

Florence, capital of the Italian Tuscany, hosts in its streets real art and architecture museums fruit of the splendour lived during the renaissance. On each corner of its historical centre you can find real treasures and taking a walk in its streets is a pleasure for our senses

One of these streets is Via Roma, with buildings from the

19th century and close to the iconic dome of the Santa Maria del Fiore. Via Roma has become the shopping window of the big brands of Italian fashion. Amongst these brands we have to underline the commercial space Luisa Via Roma (link) projected in the 80’s by the architect Claudio Nardi as a luxury Shopping space

. It is a shopping space focused on the luxury product.



Luisa Via Roma is a worldwide reference in luxury fashion, jewellery and leisure. It is its sign of identity and the great quality brands are present in its shopping space and also in its online shop.

It has been 2 years already in which the luxury edition products of Long

Days Longboards are part of the selected and painstaking range of items that Luisa Via Roma offers in its shops (link) dedicated to the lovers of skateboarding and longboarding. Nowadays, you can find 4 exclusive models of longboards carved by hand. One of them is “Dragon”, a piece carved on ebony and pigmented with gold which is valued in €10,000. It was created for the shop in Florence and the magazine “Bob Report”  called our longboards “the most exclusive boards in the market” in its article “Art on wheels”.


The luxury line of longboards is also available in the online shop of Luisa Via Roma (link) and it has been part of its “Easy Rider” which is the last story that · MILAN STYLE & Luisa Via Roma have created about ‪#‎Skate and #‎fashion using one of our longboards.