Skate Board Old School BETTY Long Days para CRD




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At Long Days we have elaborase the special edition Skate Old School BETTY Long Days CRD designed exclusive for Café Racer(CRD) . Betty Will make you feel the origins of skateboarding on your feet. It has been created to faithfully imitate the first skaters from California surfing in empty pools. The 70’s are the source of our inspiration. “Retroslide” with it and go back to feel the sensations of skating pioneers.


CRD logo carved by hand, tinted in black and personalized sandpaper. Technical description:

  • Width: 20 cm
  • Length: 75.50 cm
  • Material: Wood, European Oak
  • Maxim um weight: 90 kg
  • Axes: Penny black matte. 160 mm.
  • Wheels: Wasabi Wheels “Long Days” black matte 45 mm x 60 mm. 80a.

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