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We would like to share with you the board Skate Old School HEATH Mongoy, special edition made for Café Racer Dreams by Long Days Longboards.

The board HEATH Mongoy Old School, offers múltiple possibilities to practice skateboarding in the streets, in a bowl or just for a quiet scroll in your favourite city. You only have to choose how you want to enjoy it, the favourite place to slide, the ideal people and the right moment. Enjoy skateboarding in its raw state.

CRD logo carved by hand, tinted in black and personalized sandpaper.

By the way, not only the boards are made by hand, the wheels from Wasabi Wheels are made one by one so they are perfect.

Technical description::


  • Width: 19 cm
  • Length: 67.50 cm
  • Material: Mongoy wood
  • Maximum weight: 90 kg
  • Axes: Penny matte black 160 mm.
  • Wheels: Wasabi Wheels “Long Days” black matte 45 mm x 60 mm. 80a.


Additional information

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